Kerala teacher lets students sing ‘Srivalli’ while taking notes, video goes viral

MALAPPURAM: Teacher Sumayya Sumam and her Class V students at HMS AUP School, Thurakkal, are the new stars on social media. A video of the students singing Kannil Karpoora Deepamo Srivalli from the hit movie ‘Pushpa’ while taking down notes in classroom has gone viral. After Sumayya posted the video on Facebook, accompanied by a short note on the story behind the incident, many people have come forward to appreciate her style of going easy on students.

Sumayya says the video was shot on her mobile phone last Thursday.  “I was teaching personal and social hygiene. I asked the students for some points on hygiene and wrote them down on the blackboard,” she says. During the class Sumayya tells students: “Write down the points in your notebooks.”  

Then, a student Minhal K A Backer starts singing the Srivalli song. “Note down the points on the board,” the teacher reminds Minhal. Two other students Yonus and Afra Mahazin chip in: “Do not discourage talented students, teacher.” And they too start singing with Minhal.

Considering the request from the little ones, Sumayya lets the entire class sing together, with one condition the points should be noted down properly. “What happened next is clear in the video. The children started singing song together while taking down notes,” she says. Sumayya said there is nothing wrong in creating some moments like that in classrooms. 

“Had I asked the students not to sing, they would have been disappointed. But that one minute of singing made them relax and energised them for the next lesson. I usually take videos of special moments in the classroom and post them on social media. Once we post the videos on social media like Facebook, we will hopefully be able to see it even after several decades,” the teacher says. 

She also faced negative comments from some people who said the singing session might have ruined the teaching session on hygiene. “The children were allowed to sing only after making them read the points on hygiene three times,” the teacher pointed out. Sumayya has been working in the school for the past five years. One of her two children, 11-year-old Razi is a Class V student of the same school. The second child, Aishu, is six.