Rajya Sabha committee recommendations to CBI to reduce cases pendency

NEW DELHI: Concerned over pendency of over 1000 cases for investigation in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the highly-powered Rajya Sabha Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice, headed by former deputy CM of Bihar and now BJP MP Sushil Kumar Modi, has stated in its report that the pendency of cases can be reduced through taking proper care of manpower requirements in the CBI.

“The committee therefore recommends the government to undertake Cadre Restructuring of CBI at the earliest”, the report has stated. The committee in its report has also stated “delayed justice is no justice at all and cases cannot linger on without a definite closure for decades”.

By the way, the CBI has recently itself admitted that more than 100 high-value cases of bank frauds were awaiting general consent from state government for investigation as many states(in total nine states) have not given their consent for a CBI probe into those cases.

 As per the committee report, 72 vigilance cases are still pending for want of sanction for prosecution of accused for last many months.  The Committee report has also mentioned the overall sanctioned strength of CBI stating that out of a total sanctioned strength of 7,273, the in-position strength of CBI is only 5,740.

It has suggested for manpower strengthening, adding that the CBI in a written reply itself has admitted the pendency of a total of 1025 cases for investigation with it and out of them 66 cases are pending for more than 5 years as on 31 January in 2022.

The committee, headed by Sushil Kumar Modi, has further recommend that the CBI should also make efforts to reduce its dependency on the deputation and strive to recruit permanent staff at least up to the rank of deputy SPs.  The committee through its report ahs categorically recommends that the CBI may also prepare a “roadmap” for disposals of cases pending with them and inform the Committee accordingly.

Besides all this, the Committee has also desired to have details on the case pending with CBI year-wise. “The number cases pending for trials, the number of cases pending for investigation the percentage of conviction in the cases investigated by CBI, and other details have also been sought from by the committee from the CBI.

The committee has also desired to know how many cases investigated by CBI have been stayed by the Courts.