Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Injured Cow rescued by Animal lover

Berhampur ; A calf was laid lamenting in inguishment in Laxmi Narayan Nagar-2nd line (Ankuli). When it came to the notice of Retd. Headmaster Kameswar Mohanty, he saw that one of the front legs (Right) has been factured and the cow was unable to stand being attacked by crows and dogs to the factured leg due to bleeding. Mr.Mohanty cleaned the wound with saline water and betadine than he wrapped/covered the wound with & a piece of cloth and lodged a complain to state Animal helpline No.1962 at 12.29pm, which was registered in state help line. Then the district BAM veterinary ambalance authorities contacted at 12.34pm. The Vetenary team arrived at the spot but it was a matter of regret that the road infront of Siridi Sai Temple of Laxmi Narayan Nagar-2nd line (Ankuli) was abandoned by a private vehicle bearing regd No-0D33 3813 as a result the Ambulance could not reach to the spot of the injured cow which needed to be shifted to the veterinary Hospital due to road blockage. However by the help of Kameswar Mohanty, Ajay Kumar Dwibedi, Tulsha Dwibedi and the veterinary Team such as Dr. Battachari Sadangi, L.I. Manoj Nahak & Parshuram Pradhan, attendant Prangya Prasad Reddy, Biju Lenka and Driver Sairam Reddy provided first aid treatment only.

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