Sunday, May 19, 2024

Thyroid Symposium by DIABETES & ENDOCARE Clinic

Berhampur (Corresp.) : Diabetes & Endocare Clinic, Berhampur in association with Indian Medical Association (IMA), local branch today has organised fourth South Odisha Thyroid Symposium at IMA hall, Berhampur. Dr.Sunil Kumar Kota, Consultant Endocrinologist from Diabetes and Endocare Clinic presided over the meet in the capacity of organising secretary. Satyabrata Bhoi, IG, Southern Range was the Chief guest with Prof.Lalit Kumar Meher, Director, VIMSAR, Burla; Prof.Abani Kanta Mishra, Dean & Principal, MKCG Medical College; Dr.Uma Shankar Mishra, CDMO, Ganjam; Prof P.C Sahu and Prof.Subash Ch. Mahapatra, President, IMA were the guests of honour for the inaugural session. IG Sri Bhoi highlighted the rising prevalence of Thyroid disorders and called for enhancing the skills of practitioners to deal with these problems. Prof.L.K Meher advised the audience to be watchful of Thyroid disorders by diagnosing them early followed by timely initiation of treatment and follow UPS. Prof.Abani Mishra highlighted the impact of thyroid disorders on various organs of the body. Dr.Uma Mishra emphasized upon importance of thyroid testing in the pregnant ladies and newborns. Prof. P.C Sahu opined that these scientific symposia would help updating the knowledge of treating physicians on Thyroid disorders. Prof Subash Ch. Mahapatra called upon Dr.Kota to extend these kind of awareness and screening programs for the benefit of general public. There were 10 different topics on Thyroid disorders delivered by eminent speakers from Berhampur, Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.Now 12%-15% of total Indian population are affected with Thyroid disorders. Earlier the cause was iodine deficiency, now these are predominantly due to autoimmune imbalance. These are seen 5 times more commonly in females. Hypothyroidism is a state associated with low thyroid hormone levels in the body. It presents with weight gain, body aches, dry skin, tiredness, hair fall, constipation, irregular menses, infertility and depression. Hyperthyoridism denotes high thyroid hormone levels in body and presents with weight loss, trembling of hands, palpitation, feeling of excess heat, sweating, repeated motions, redness of eyes. Sometimes a swelling in front of the neck can be there called as goiter. It can affect newborns, growing children with impaired mental, physical and sexual growth. Thyroid testing should ideally be done in all pregnant ladies to avoid complications, because it is found in around 22% of pregnant ladies. Treatment is in the form of tablets, radio iodine therapy, surgery etc depending on severity of the disorders. Emphasis was laid upon timely treatment and periodic follow up to avoid. In total around 200 doctors from Ganjam, Gajapati, Kandhamal, Boudh, Rayagada, Koraput attended the workshop.
Additionally Dr.Sunil Kota revealed his plans of undertaking thyroid blood testing for general public from different sectors to detect the undiagnosed cases. Prof.Trinath Mishra from Cardiology Dept. and Prof.Bharati Misra from Gynecology Department of MKCG Medical College lauded the efforts by Dr.Sunil to educate both doctors and general public and requested him to further carry on with his awareness activities for people from various sectors. Lastly Dr.Sunil Kota extended vote of thanks to the guests, chairpersons, speakers, volunteers, IMA and media personnel to conclude the session.

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