Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Egoistic and Adament Nature of the CGM and Madam Tripathy of IOCL, Bhubaneswar Unit

Bhubaneswar (Mishra & Mishra): It is known to all that the Indian Oil Corporation Limited is the largest Oil Supply or Dealing Company of India. But , it is Pettiness and Disgraceful that the present Chief General Manager is totally not able to handle & manage his charges which has been given to him by the IOCL with a big hope. The IOCL had kept faith & trust on him. But, he is totally depending on his Private Secretary and one most clever or may be cunning Madam Smt. Tripathy who is used to keep all Odisha head or present CGM in delusion, illusion and dark. The present CGM is thinking himself that he is very much techtectfull or very much over Smart. He is used to transfer his responsibility to his sub ordinate Officers by believing blindly. The sub ordinate Officers are putting him in dark, perhaps, the CGM of IOCL is not able to study them. Most of the subordinate Officers are playing with him due his uncapable quality. There are lots of irregularities in the Odisha IOCL Unit which is badly in need of impartial enquiry or CBI enquiry, so that the irregularities & Corruption which are going on after the then GM Sri Sharma jee who has reformed & developed the IOCL which is totally praiseworthy. After the previous GM, Mr Sharma, the IOCL of Odisha Unit conditions or positions are totally miserable and it needs badly reformation. The India Chief of IOCL must have to personally look into it and he should enquire the irregularities and mismanagement of the IOCL, Odisha Unit for not only the benefit of the dealers as well as the user or customers of the IOCL Oil, lubricants , Gas & others manufacturing Products. Demanded for an impartial enquiry for the reformation & rectification of irregularities which are going on after the the then General Manager, Mr Sharma.

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