Sunday, May 12, 2024

Submission of memorandum to State Woman Commission

Buruea Head PKB: We are determined to crack the ego of the singer Umakant who is found commenting on facebook that ” I have deliberately done this ganja song just for amusement” The comment of the singer Sankar Om Sarana has added more fuel to the inflammation of the fire making the artists groups very reactive. As is well known that a group of artists of Koraput District under the leadership of eminent musician Dhiren Mohan Pattnaik submitted an FIR before the jurisdiction of Jeypore SDPO, Arup Abhishek Behera and asking the officer in grey to initiate stringent action against the ill-intention of the singer Umakant . The vulgar song by umakant has crossed the line of decency not only to destroy the self-esteem of our girl artists but also has incorporated so much damage to the modesty of all the female artists of the culturally diverse soil of Koraput District.
Today, in the afternoon a battery of artistic talents have submitted a memorandum to state woman commission, Bhubaneswar through the Subcollector Bedabara Pradhan. They are so disturbed by the obscene song of Shanker Om Sarana that is widely noticable. We can live without food for days together but not against our culturally bound decency and modesty. The letter addressed to state women commission was submitted in the office chamber of the Subcollector Bedabara Pradhan which invites action against the singer Umakant.

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