Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Open Space Sold by Brokers at Jeypore, People irk

Buruea Head (PKB): There are many open spaces in Jeypore Municipality which are to be protected from the greediness of land Mafias. This is such an important issue for which there are disputes getting erupted between the inhabitants of a colony and land Mafias. There is a constant allegation by the common people of Jeypore municipality in Koraput District in Odisha that there are Govt funds provision for the protection of the government land but the Administration turns a blind eye to these important issues. Astonishingly, one huge govt land just behind Axis Bank and PWD Bunglow, Jeypore is being constructed with walls for protection . That is appreciable. Similarly, The open space of Prakash Nagar behind glocal hospital is required to be protected by the activeness of Tahasil and Jeypore Municipality . But some of the open space getting occupied illegally has brought severe reaction from the general public. When people are reportedly found lodging complaint against the ill-intention of some land Mafias either in the local Tahasil or to Jeypore Municipality, the administration becomes proactive and comes to the spot but without any appreciable solution , they go back. It indicates that the concerned authorities are not serious about the settlement of the issue as alledgely stated by many people of Prakash Nagar. Similarly, an open space of forest department found just adjunct to Hotel Princess is yet to be measured by the Tahasil office Jeypore in spite of appeals by the kenduleaf DFO. Many alledgely stated that the concerned authorities are indirectly encouraging for the misappropriation of govt lands. Even some members of the senior citizens and local lawyers demand for the quick protection of govt lands with proper measurements. The RI of Tahasil office is complained of not remaining present on the working days. In the name of measurement, the RI moves here and there. The district administration is requested by the local people to strictly look into this open space grabbing by the brokers. The open space needs to be removed from the illegal Encrorchment around jeypore. It is also regretted that the people of Prakash Nagar behind glocal hospital keep on going to Tahasildar and Executive Officer Jeypore municipality for measurement of their open space but no progress taking place in this respect is stated to be annoying.

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