Friday, May 17, 2024

“Hare Rama Hare Kirshna” Sankirtan at Jeypore Sri Chaitanya Temple

Buruea Head (PKB): On the auspicious occasion of Akadashi and Panchuka, there were continuous Kirtans being chanted by the Krishna devotees inside Sri.Chaitanya temple located at Sourasahi Jeypore. “The Hare Rama” Sankirtan started by the dawn of sacred Friday with gathering of lots of devotees from different parts of Jeypore. As per the information received from the committee member Mr.Tarun Kumar Mahapatra, there was arrangement of “Prasad ” for more than five thousand devotees who can participate on this auspicious occasion. This Sankirtan at chaitanya temple stopped for many years but started with renewed energy and devotion with the active cooperation of all the committee members, Mr Mahapatra stated. The continuation of Hare Krishna Kirtan inside the premises of the Sri.Chaitanya temple Jeypore has not only created an ambience of devotion but also kept the audience under the holy spirit of brotherhood. This would continue till the dawn of Saturday as per the temple schedule.

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