Sunday, June 23, 2024

Australia Odia Samaj hosts Global Webinar on Mental Immunity

Canberra : The audiences worldwide were completely moved and thoroughly overwhelmed by the divine discourse of renowned spiritual preacher Swami Mukundananda recently. Addressing the International Webinar entitled, “Building Mental Immunity” hosted by Australia Odia Samaj (ORIOZ INC.) Swamiji was at his eloquence and ethereal best in explaining the basic nuances of the Meta – Physical efficacy of the mind. The Mega virtual Event was attended by the members of ORIOZ from all the states of Australia, leaders of Odia Diaspora across the Globe, members of World Odisha Society and prominent Non Resident Indians. Highlighting the usefulness of Positive thoughts Swamiji prescribed three fold strategies to eradicate negative thoughts. As a first measure he suggested to maintain distance from negativism and watch these thoughts from a gap. Then he proposed to replace these negative feelings with possible substitutes. As a final solution Swamiji strongly recommended to bring positive thoughts again and again till one gets totally relieved from negative mindset. Swamiji further suggested to apply spiritual and yogic sciences for purifying the mind. To get perpetual happiness and perennial Bliss, Swamiji advised to keep the mind away from the peripheral influences and arouse One’s inner Self and soulful intellect to manage the mind. The mesmerised spectators were transcended to the state of sheer ecstasy by the wit and wisdom of Swamiji during his hour long spellbinding speech.
At the outset extending warm welcome to the participants the main Organiser and President of ORIOZ Dr. Nalini Pati thanked all the organisers, members of ORIOZ and representatives of wellwisher Organisations for their support and co –operation to hold the Webinar. Secretary of the Managing Committee of Jagannath Temple at Canberra and Founder of Living Bliss Tarun Agasti performed Shanti Path by chanting of hymns. Shri Agasti profusely complemented the exemplary transcendental accomplishments of Swami Mukundanandaji.
Gracing the Occasion, Chairman of World Odisha Society Kishore Dwibedi, showered huge praises on ORIOZ and its dynamic President Dr. Nalini Pati for organising such a useful Webinar having much relevance in the present times and expected that the viewers will definitely be having an engrossing and elevating experience during the interactive session.
The special attraction of the Web Session was a very useful illuminating Lecture on mind wellness delivered by Dr. Nalini Pati. A prolific physician Dr. Pati elaborately deliberated on the clinical aspect of the mental immunity through his well researched power point presentation. Dr. Pati narrated in minute details the medical side of the origin of mental stress, its disastrous effect on the human body and how to get cured from this much talked highly challenging and terribly risky disease in the post covid era. The Focal Point of Dr Pati’s observation was that the human body can only handle stress for a short duration of time. The long standing stress generally has significant deleterious effect on every system of body. Interesting fact to know from him that stress itself can enhance chances of heart attack by more than 33%. Achieving better stress control by building mental immunity helps in attaining robust productivity, focused approach and improved performances in all spheres of life. Dr Archana Barik compered the entire online proceedings in a smooth and meticulous manner.
The dignitaries present in the digital platform include Badal Padhy, Tapas Senapati, Bighnaraj Mohanty and Pritish Dash.The outstanding Organising team of ORIOZ responsible for the successful conduction of this unique Webinar include Ajit Muduli, Ayush Tyagi and entire Executive Committee members of ORIOZ.

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