Tuesday, May 21, 2024

PSLV-C54 carrying earth observation satellite and co-passenger satellites lifts off

A polar satellite launch vehicle carrying earth observation and eight co-passenger satellites lifted off from this spaceport on Saturday, the Indian Space Research Organisation said.
The mission is said to be the last one undertaken by ISRO this year. PSLV-C54 carries an Earth Observation Satellite (EOS-06) or Oceansat as its primary payload and eight co-passenger satellites are expected to be placed into sun synchronous orbits in over a two-hour time frame. The entire separation of satellites is expected to take place in two hours after lift-off. The Earth Observation Satellite-6 is the third-generation satellite in the Oceansat series. This is to provide continuity services of Oceansat-2 spacecraft with enhanced payload specifications as well as application areas.

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