Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Negligence of NH causes Road accidents

Jeypore: The BJP govt at centre has been spreading its towering tale of achievement across the country for understanding a galaxy of developmental works and activities. The NH works under the stewardship of Mr.Nitin Gadkari as categorically stated by many are a matter of satisfaction and of course, of good quality.
The NH authorities of Koraput District, in Odisha are severely criticised for causing negligence in finishing up the NH Road works that brings road accidents for the two wheelers. Such an utter negligence is evidently witnessed near Bariniput towards Jeypore subdivision in Koraput District in Odisha. The NH Road works are stated to be up and down as alledgely stated by many commuters while passing through the roads. Lack of finishing up the road conditions is accountable for many occurance of accidents. Very surprisingly, the treading upon this NH Road by many administrative officers pose no challenge to them nor any risk to their movement owing to the sophisticated vehicles being used by them but, the two wheelers are being seen to meet accidents at every week. People demand for the construction of the NH Road for the general acceptability of many people. Let’s see whether our NH is becoming sensitive to this issue or not.

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