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The fever of “RAHAGIRI” seen at Jeypore but not as enjoyable as the previous ” Patho Utshoba”

Buruea Head (Prasanta K. Bishoyi) : The high-voltage extraordinary Celebration of the RAHAGIRI program were witnessed by thousands of people belonging to Jeypore subdivision in Koraput District on foggy weather of the 11th day of December 2022. The district administration has been conducting the different levels of Parab-22 in all the blocks, subdivision of Koraput with all pomp and show.The morning chilled climate condition at Jeypore on Sunday could not dampen the spirit of the people in their wholehearted involvement not only in dance, music, songs but also a battery of programs and activities that embraced the people and participants from 7 am till 11.30 am. The showcase of the traditional grandeur of our country, the display of paintings by the local artists and the greatness of Koraput culture were only a few marvelous exhibition that attracted the attention of the people. From welcome junction stretching upto the residence of Subcollector, there were a number of events found set up in a disciplined manner. These were accounted for the recreational activities.
Jeypore MLA Taraprasad Bahinipati , Chairman Jeypore Municipality Narendra Mahanty, EO, Siddharth Pattnaik and many other dignitaries were present at the main pendal of the ” Patho Utshaba”. The display of guns and other sophisticated weapons by the jawans of the Boarder Security force (BSF) in a specific tent stall, the wonderful musical performances by the singers, dancers and musicians of the capital Bhubaneswar , the Hare Ram Hare Krishna chanting of mantras by devotees of Lord krishna , the Rangoli designs prepared by local girls , the dance by small children, the description of the healthy lifestyle through Yoga, Sc.Park, Akhada , musical chairs, Tiffins by the SHG groups, Drawing, Fireless cooking, Magic show and Swachha Jeypore mesmerized the people for about three to four hours without breaking their concentration and involvement. Mehendi , Rampwalk, Sankirtan with skating, sand arts by the artists captured one and all for merrymaking, joy and lots of funs. Individual mobile phones were allowed to be busy in the selfy point with father, mother, sister, brother and children . The BAR members were also present on the occasion. It was reported that there was no amount of indicipline rather a greater degree of enjoyment being felt by the huge audience present on the occasion. The police administration did a fantastic job for the ensuring of safety, security and discipline. Although a vast chunk of the people enjoyed the programs but these were not like the previous RAHAGIRI as being stated by many.

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