Sunday, May 19, 2024

Ganga sagar news

The war had no effect on Raman Mikhalov, Rumil Geruav alias Rajendra Krishna and Pisarenko vladimir? Actually they are Russian. On the other hand Virendra Das, who is actually a Ukrainio ie a citizen of Ukraine.
But when they come to this Ganga Sea, they are as one. The smell of ammunition from the Ukraine war in Russia is in both countries. The ordinary people who have been affected by the war for almost 6 months. And they moved to India 3 months ago in search of peace from this war. Came to Mayapur? They, one Ukrainian and three Russians, came to this Ganga Sea and forgot the war and enjoyed Krishna love. In fact, they don’t like the sound of bombs, guns and heavy boots. And they have found real peace in the love of Krishna. So the two citizens of two warring countries have forgotten all the differences by coming to this Ganges Sea. Chanting Hari name with hands.
Stay away war Stop the bomb-gun fire. And so the message of Krishna’s love and good home seems to have overshadowed the diplomatic relations of the two countries.
This war is a war between two countries. This war is a fight between Putin and Zelensky, and that fight has only spread fear in the minds of these people, said Virendra Das, a citizen of Ukraine, his family has always been a devotee of Krishna, so he moved to this country 3 months ago with fear from the atmosphere of this war. His statement, “Yes, this war has created fear in my heart, many people like me are afraid of this war. So I am looking for peace? came to this country in search? ”
According to him, “I am very safe in this country, here I can live in peace with Krishna’s name. I know there is no fear of war here.” ISKCON has been staying in Mayapur for about 3 months and from there appeared in the Gangasagar Mela. He was introduced to three young Russians when he came to this fair?
With Raman Mikhalov, Rumil Geruav (Rajendra Krishna) and Pisarenko. But they are politically opposed to the two countries? Do they forget that they are devotees of Krishna? So, forgetting all differences, they are working together, chanting the name of Krishna. Rumil Geruav (Rajendra Krishna) said, “We don’t want war. We don’t want politics. So war could not separate the people of our two countries spiritually. We are children of Krishna. So not any political leader, we only believe in Krishna. Krishna and Krishna.”
In fact, the story of these two reminds us that human love is not war, but ISKCON Mayapur Public Relations Officer Rasik Gaurang Das said. According to him, “Look, the war has given the people of these two countries nothing but pain. And so to escape from that pain, they have come to this country in fear. They have forgotten all the fear and pain, so it is not war. Let human love spread, let the name of Krishna spread.”

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