Sunday, June 23, 2024

Allegations brought against PHD, Jeypore

Bureau Head( PKB): The Govt of odisha under the leadership of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik aims at providing supply drinking water to all the households across the state of odisha that is lauded everywhere but the PHD division in the Jeypore area of koraput district requires huge reformation. Water is not there where it is required but on the other hand, there is enormous wastage of drinking water here at Jeypore in Koraput district. In this connection, One memorandum has been prepared by one SHG group of Jeypore in koraput district of odisha that would be submitted to the Chief Minister on his scheduled visit to VD College on 31st January 2023.with some allegations against the PHD, Jeypore. In addition to this, one social organization has severely criticized the PHD division of Jeypore for not sprinkling water on the Stadium ground of Jeypore where different boys and girls fainted during parade rehearsal on Monday due to heavy dust particles and heat.

Water Supply to the required places of human settlement is an appreciable step by Govt. Of odisha but wastage of water in powerhouse colony of Jeypore indicates the utter negligence of the division. This was brought to the notice of the Junior Engineer, PHD Jeypore. Unfortunately, no action has been taken so far. The deliberate negligence is uncalled for from a responsible dept. We brought it to the notice of Executive Engineer Mr. Chiranjib Mahali who has assured us for some moves.

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