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On Republic Day 2023, ITBP receives fifteen medals including three President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service and twelve Police Meritorious Service Medals

New Delhi : Fifteen (15) ITBP Officials have been conferred with Police Medals on the occasion of Republic Day, 2023, Three with President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service while twelve with Police Medal for Meritorious Service. DG, ITBP & all ranks conveys his congratulations to the medal recipients.
President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service:
1.Sh. Sandeep Khosla, DIG (GD)
2.Sh. Dharampal Singh Rawat, Commandant (GD)
3.Sh. Bisan Singh, Inspector (GD)
Police Medal for Meritorious Service:
1.Sh. Vishal Anand, DIG (GD)
2.Sh. Vir Vert Negi, Commandant (GD)
3.Sh. Piyush Pushkar, Commandant (GD)
4.Dr. Prashant Mishra, CMO (SG)
5.Sh. Devendra Chand, SM (PH)
6.Sh. Laxman Singh, Inspector (GD)
7.Sh. Thakur Singh, Inspector (GD)
8.Sh. Bipan Singh, Inspector (GD)
9.Sh. Ashwani Kumar, Inspector (GD)
10.Sh. Suraj Thapa, Inspector (CM)
11.Sh. Balbir Singh, Inspector (Telecom)
12.Sh. Rajendra Singh, ASI (GD)

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