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Amulya Ramayana Of Shri. Krushna Chandra Bhokta launched : A classical Masterpiece needs On your Table

Bureau Head(PKB) : Shri. Krushna Chandra Bhokta is an epitome of humility and honesty. With bearing an enormous amount of devotion and painstaking efforts being undertaken by Shri Bhokta, a classical masterpiece entitled as “Amulya Ramayana ” written by him was formally launched and put for the domain of general readers. In a spectacular manner following which this scripture of Amulya Ramayana was launched drew the rapt attention of not only the invited guests but also filled the hearts of many literary bent of minds with devotion, reverence and love for Mr. Bhokta. It was a dream project of Mr. Bhokta to prepare this Ramayana with the beginning of the first letter of odia alphabet. Amulya Ramayana has got resemblance with other traditional Ramayanas of our nation but with an outstanding appeals of love, unity and fraternity existing in the family history.

In a local hostel after the sunset on friday, there were many radiant stars in the field of language and literature got assembled for the launching ceremony of this prolific book including the family members of Mr. Bhokta. As per the scheduled program, Dr. Suresh Dash, a noted writer and popular social activist who presided over the meeting in which MLA Jeypore Sri. Taraprasad Bariniput was the chief guest. Sub-Collector, Jeypore Bedabar Pradhan, Prof. Sarat Mahanty, Dr. Gangadhar Nanda, Sri Manmohan Acharya and Mr. Laxmikanta Padhi were the prominent dignitaries present on the occasion.
While addressing to the august gathering, the Witer of “Amulya Ramayana ” Mr Bhokta categorically stated, not assuming credit to himself ” I have not written this book rather Lord Rama blessed me while writing for which it came out from the pious womb of my devotion and faith upon “SriRam” Participating on this literary occasion, another renowned poet, author and a teacher of repute Mr. Manmohan Acharya who has got contributions in the title selection of the book stated ” The only difference between Lord Rama and Lord Krishna is the proclamation of being God, Rama never claimed himself to be God in any stage of Ramayana whereas Lord Krishna claimed himself God from his cradle to his grave. ” There are seven letters perpetually found in Tulasi and Balmiki Ramayana. Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhaja’s Vaidesh Vilasa has also seven letters. So We decided to make Amulya Ramayana also with seven letters, Mr. Acharya proudly stated. The reason for seven letters as stated by Mr. Acharya is that Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
Other dignitaries present on the occasion also highlighted the life of Lord Rama. Dr. Gangadhar Nanda being asked a question from the gathering candidly explained the story briefly but devotionally. Dr. Suresh Dash undertook the pain of making the edition of Amulya Ramayana along with Mr. Nanda.

The three daughters of Sri. Krushna Chandra Bhokta, Sanghamita, Sabita and Sujata paid a minute observation as well as the management of the launching ceremony. Dr Satabdhi Mishra and Miss. Namrata Panda coordinated the program to have an excellent conclusion. On this pious occasion of the book launching ceremony, Some amounts got donated towards Ayodhya Ram Temple construction by Bhokta family members.

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