Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Collection of fines by Jeypore Municipality without notice objectionable

Bureau Head: The works of Jeypore Municipality, in koraput district of Odisha are severely criticized due to the developmental works being carried out without work order as being alleged by many. The roads with more houses required to be undertaken in some areas are not taken for consideration for construction whereas, owing to the influence of some counsellors, the roads with a few houses are being constructed. Some counsellors are doing whimsical works that are being supported by JE, ME, EO and Chairman.Even in the issue of the collection of fines, one day back one business man of bell road was fined two thousands rupees whereas the similar violation often in some of the shops and stalls in the same area of bell road without fine imposition is wondering many. Why is this discrimination? Some shops of cement owners, chairs owners are not fined but the collection of fine without notice from a particular cement shop is severely criticized by many. The law enforcement needs to be equal for everyone as being stated by the general public in the bell road of Jeypore municipality.

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