Sunday, June 23, 2024

Project work voiced for community: Sonepur JRC

Sonepur, ( Pawan Agrawal ) : The project work executed right over Junior Red Cross (JRC ) Camps replicates the intense coalition of Juniors, Counsellors and the Community. The reputable Panel of Guests speak up these propositions during organization of 16th District Level Junior Red Cross Study Cum-Training Camp which has just been ended over there at the premises of Govt. Girls’ High School, Sonepur. The campers nearly 500 comprises of Juniors , Counsellors and Resource Persons engaged in theme based edification viz. Red Cross Movement, Inclusions and implementation of JRC Work, First Aid ,the Life Saving Skills, Disaster, Road Safety Project-RAKSHAK, Life Skills etc. during this camp. A Project Work blended with Peace March,Cleaning and Awareness Work was organized to replicate the power of humanity at Sonepur. This virtuous exertion was flagged off by the illustrious District Education Officer (DEO), Sonepur Sj. Laxman Bhoi as a gesture of JRC Movement. The ADEO-cum-Dist. JRC Secretary Dr. Radhakanta Gartia, ADEO(Establishment), Sonepur Smt. Manjulata Bhoi, Vice-Chairman Sj. Gatikrishna Mishra were notable JRC Personalities to augment this Project Work. The Junior Red Cross Officer, Sonepur Sj. Rabi Chandra Pasayat (JRCO) took on the assignment to accomplish this project work. The Campers went round the town of Sonepur sounded with different slogans and displaying Pla-cards to generate awareness among populace and to transcribe the principles and message of Red Cross. The campers took endeavour to street cleaning and drain cleaning work on the verge of Sonepur. The Headmasters of different schools who got involved in this pious work were, Rajendra Mishra, Shridhara Bagh, Kalia Karmi, Padmanabha Karna, Nalini Kumbhar, Manjulata Jagadala, Tripurari Rath, Akshya Kumar Sahu, Resource Persons Jhasaketan Meher, Chandramani Bagh, Hrushikesh Dang, Chandra Shekhar Mahapatra, Counsellor Hrishikesh Chand, Lokanath Thela, Hrishikesh Dehuri, Prashanna Satapathy, Jayanti Kenedi, Damayanti Jagadala respectively.

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