Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Jumbos cause no damages, Say Range Officer

Bureau Head : The foresters, para staff and other forest members have reportedly been proactively vigilante on the information about the entry of elephants into some of the villages of raighar block of Nabarangpur district from Chatisgard. As per the information given to our chief correspondent, the Range Officer of Raighar Taruja Kartik Stated that we have received information about the entry of elephants but on our repeated movement inside the forest we could not trace any elephants physically. The elephants might be coming and getting back to Chatisgard. Nobody has detected the physical presence of the elephants. The villagers have been given assurances not to be panic and develop any apprehension, the range officer categorically stated.

On our enquiry, the range officer of Raighar told the elephants might have come but caused no damages to any propertie. we have rather taken all measures for driving the elephants away if noticed by the use of fire crackers. So there is absolutely nothing to be frightened as assured by the range officer.

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