Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Vigilance SP Submitted letter regarding alleged Corruption in 5T works in Jeypore Girls High School : Enquiry Demanded against the action of JE

Bureau Head : In a dramatic turn of events, the alleged corruption charges in connection with the 5T renovation works of the government girls high school, Jeypore was brought to the notice of Mr. Surendra Nath Panigrahi, Vigilance SP, Koraput Division. Mr. Rabindra Mahapatra, the Convenor of Youth Association of the district while submitting the letter to the officer demanded for an enquiry into the 5 T renovation works of the government girls high school.
It was known that Mr Mahapatra while submitting the application complained about the mis utilisation of the funds in most of the renovation works of 5T schools. After submission, while addressing to media, Mr. Mahapatra stated briefly that ” I have collected information about the detailed project of 5T schools of koraput district and the related expenditure undertaken through Right to Information Act. After a meticulous study about the expenditure, I received a smell of corruption in which the JE and some leaders were involved. Thus, I came to submit a letter to Vigilance SP imploring him to conduct an impartial enquiry, Mr. Mahapatra added.
According to Mr. Mahapatra, the staff members of the concerned school were reported to have been dissatisfied with the construction works of the 5T school but being apprehensive of any action against them, the teachers are now silent.
Further, Mr. Mahapatra stated that ” the alleged corruption charges were communicated to DM, Koraput during grievance hearing. Many news publication were seen being brought out about the alleged corruption of 5T schools of Government Girls high school earlier. So we submitted a letter of complaint to SP, Vigilance, Koraput Division an impartial enquiry, Mr Mahapatra stated.

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