Friday, June 21, 2024

Sambalpur Forest Division To Undertake Rocky Hill Plantation – N.F Times

Sambalpur: Sambalpur division is in the process of experimenting to undertake a rocky Hill plantation. This is the new and innovative work of the division and for the first time such an experiment has been conducted.

There are a few patches of blank areas inside the forest blocks where the normal plantation was not possible and the field staffs were reluctant to take up the plantation as there is no soil or rocky terrain.

“Then, the same problem was analyzed and the whole division area was assessed in GIS and found about 700 ha of land where there was rocky outgrowth with less or no vegetation.

Then it was decided to experiment with one ha area and the mode was researched,” told Sambalpur DFO Viswanath Neelannver.

The drought and tough species to be experimented with were identified as Sterculia urens (genduli), Ficus sps, Amla, Custard apple, Mahula, Kendu, Khair, Ber etc. Out of these species, 60% would be Sterculia urens and ficus and 40% other species.

The plantation would be assessed for two years and all the observations would be recorded and analyzed.

We will also learn the causes where there is mortality and try to improve the method with local modifications, the DFO said.

The technique used is to go for stone packing instead of pits as there’s no soil. In those structures, foreign soil would be used. Cracks and crevices would be utilized for better results. Only vermicompost and jeevamruta would be used for fertilizers.

The DFO stated Rengali Range Kilasam RF Bhalubahal Section is identified for this experimental plantation.

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