Friday, June 21, 2024

5T Secy reaches Gajapati district on a surprise visit – N.F Times

Checks healthcare services at DHH and Mo Sarkar follow up calls

Bhubaneswar: Secretary to CM (5T) V K Pandian today reached Gajapati district on a surprise visit. He was on a scheduled visit to Ganjam district for public grievance meetings.

However, in the evening, Pandian arrived in Parlekhamundi. The District administration was given very short notice regarding the sudden visit of the 5T Secretary.

Pandian visited the District Headquarters hospital at 9 PM in the evening and interacted with the patients regarding the health care services being provided. The patients expressed satisfaction regarding the care by doctors, food, medicines, etc. He also checked the presence of the duty doctors and staff. He directed the CDMO to further improve the cleanliness.

Later, he visited the Town Police Station. He checked whether the registration is being made under Mo Sarkar’s calls and whether follow-up action was being taken promptly on the cases being filed. He randomly called four registered numbers from the register and enquired about the behaviour of the Police staff, the professional handling of the case and if any illegal gratification had been demanded. All four respondents have expressed satisfaction with the Police station response.

Pandian complimented the Police staff for their service and asked them to keep up the good work. He asked them to ensure proper display of the boards related to Mo Sarkar helplines so that aggrieved citizens can register their complaints on the centralised portal.

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