Sunday, May 19, 2024

Daily rituals at Puri Jagannath Temple halted; here’s why – N.F Times

Puri: Daily rituals of deities at the Jagannath Temple in Puri were halted today reportedly over service performed by a banned servitor in the morning.

The dispute delayed rituals at Srimandir since Dwarafita Niti (opening of door) at 5:55 AM. Till the last report came in, no ritual had been conducted following Mailam Niti.

According to reports, a Singhari servitor had been banned from performing service at the temple due to his inter-cast marriage. In his place, his brothers were to serve the deities at Srimandir today. However, the banned servitor conducted all rituals from Mangal Alati till Mailam in the morning, which was opposed by Puja Panda servitors.

Opposing the servitor’s act, the Puja Panda servitors apprised the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration that the priest community would not perform any ritual if the former was allowed for service.

As the Puja Panda servitors did not join the service in the morning due to pandemonium caused by the suspended servitor, all the rituals of deities came to a halt.

Source said that the temple administration (ritual) is discussing with the servitors to end the deadlock.

“Today is Saptapuri Amavasya. Everyone is hurt due to halt in rituals on the auspicious occasion. A servitor, who was banned from service, conducted rituals, which was opposed by other servitors. The discussion is underway between the temple administration and senior servitors to resume the rituals,” said Mahasuar servitor Ganeswar Mahasuar.

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