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Interaction between strangers on Insta post goes viral – N.F Times

New Delhi: A post by on Instagram about ‘space’ in a relationship turned out to be a platform for communication between two strangers. Their interaction quickly went viral and grabbed the attention of many. CEO Anupam Mittal too joined in with a witty comment.

It all started when shared a post on ‘space’ along with a caption that reads, “If you get it you get it.” In the post, they shared a joke – “Wife maths is wanting space after a fight but also wanting a jaddu ki jhappi”.

An Instagram user who goes by ___.nishika, commented on the post and wrote, “Agar usko ‘space’ ka importance pata hai toh meri taraf se haan hai [If he knows the importance of space, then its a yes for me].” Though her comment received several replies, a particular one by shreyanshpandey_ captured her attention.

“Haan ma’am bilkul important hai, after all, keyboard ka sabse bada button hai,” shreyanshpandey_ wrote. To which, ___.nishika replied, “Hahaha you’re cute.” The virtual conversation continued as shreyanshpandey_ came up with another reply and posted, “Mummy bahu milgayi hai, profile delete kar raha hu [Mom, got my bride, delete profile].” This witty response received a reply from ___.nishika who simply wrote, “Check DM.”

Expectedly, this sweet conversation created a chatter among people and several people dropped comments on the post. CEO Anupam Mittal too reacted and wrote, “, kya ho raha hai insta par? Dhandha bandh karwaoge kya? [What is happening on Insta? Want to shut down the business?]”


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