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‘Missing man was killed by his wife over alleged extramarital affair in Odisha’s Deogarh’ – N.F Times

Laimura: A probe team of Laimura police station today claimed to have cracked the death mystery of a man who was missing for the last month from his village under Tileibani tehsil in Deogarh.

The man identified as 32-year-old Umakanta Bagh was earlier strangled to death by his wife Arati Bagh over an extra-marital affair, police said.

According to police sources, Arati and Umakanta have two sons. However, she has an extramarital affair with her brother-in-law (elder sister’s husband) Chandramani Sunani residing along with his two sons and wife in Swarupa village located nearby. Arati and Umakanta often indulged in altercations over the illicit relationship between his wife and Chandramani.

Subsequently, on the intervening day of November 27 (Kartika Purnima), Chandramani was asked by Arati to come to Umakanta’s house, after the couple had a verbal spat. Later, Chandramani and Arati together, in a fit of rage, strangled the victim man to death.

The accused duo had dug a small pit and buried Umakanta’s body in it to eliminate evidence. Again, they exhumed the victim’s body on December 16 and threw it in a nearby canal in Bhaluguha village in Deogarh district.

Some locals had previously spotted the body while floating on the water and informed police.

Laimura police arrested the accused and forwarded them to court later in the day.

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