Friday, March 1, 2024

Belongings catch fire after mobile phone blasts in Odisha’s Boudh; close shave for family – N.F Times

Harbhanga: Several household articles were reduced to ashes as a mobile phone blasted today while being charged in a house at Puruna Bazaar locality under Harbhanga block in Boudh district.

However, family members of the local businessman identified as Pradip Sahu narrowly escaped.

According to a source, the businessman resides in Puruna Bazaar locality in the district along with his family. He put his mobile phone on charging mode and went to take a bath in the morning.

For a reason not known yet, the mobile phone blasted and the fire spread to other parts of his house.

“Clothing, furniture and fixtures, and several other household articles were gutted in the inferno. Cash which I had kept with me was also reduced to ashes,” the businessman expressed.

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