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UP man writes ‘Shri Ram’ 2.86 cr times, deposits it in Ram Naam bank – N.F Times

Kaushambhi (Uttar Pradesh): Ram Chandra Kesarwani, 73, has created a record of sorts by writing the ‘Shri Ram’ more than 2.86 crore times on Ram naam booklets and depositing it with International Shri Sitaram Naam Bank in Ayodhya.

Kesarwani, who retired from service in the irrigation department in August 2010, started writing Ram naam from April 2011 and has continued to write at least 5,000 names a day.

He said, “A simple way to attain salvation is to write Ram naam in red ink and deposit it in the Sitaram bank.”

After becoming an account holder (no 21239) at International Shri Sitaram Naam Bank, Shri Ayodhya Puri, Kesarwani has deposited Ram’s name written 2,76,82,924 times by him till August 28, 2023.

He claimed he has another bundle of booklets in which he has written it 8.96 lakh times. He said he finds peace in writing Shri Ram but has no ambition to be known as a record holder.


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