Home Nation PM Modi visits Arichal Munai – starting point of Ram Setu – N.F Times

PM Modi visits Arichal Munai – starting point of Ram Setu – N.F Times

PM Modi visits Arichal Munai – starting point of Ram Setu – N.F Times


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday visited Arichal Munai in Tamil Nadu, the starting point of Ram Setu.

“Had the opportunity to be at Arichal Munai, which holds a special significance in Prabhu Shri Ram’s life. It is the starting point of the Ram Setu,” Modi wrote on X.

He also performed darshan and pooja at Kothandaramaswamy Temple in Dhanushkodi on Sunday.

The Prime Minister’s Office said that this temple is dedicated to Sri Kothandarama Swamy.

“The name Kothandarama, means Rama with the bow. It is located in a place called Dhanushkodi. It is said that this is where Vibhishana first met Sri Rama and asked him for refuge. Some legends also say that this is the place where Sri Rama conducted the coronation of Vibhishana,” the PMO’s office said.

“Prayed at the iconic Kothandaramaswamy Temple. Felt extremely blessed,” Modi wrote on X.

He also laid the foundation stone of Shri Khodaldham Trust-Cancer Hospital via video message.

He expressed great privilege in connecting with the holy land of Khodal Dham and the devotees of Khodal Maa and also underlined that Shri Khodaldham Trust has taken another important step in the field of public welfare and service with the foundation stone laying of the Cancer Hospital and Research Center in Amreli.

He said that Shri Khodaldham Trust-Kagwad will complete 14 years of its establishment.

Modi said that the Leuva Patidar community had established the Shri Khodaldham Trust with the resolve of service, values and dedication 14 years ago.

He said that the trust has worked to change the lives of millions of people through its service.

“Be it the field of education, agriculture or health, this Trust has done excellent work in every direction,” he said.

He also said that the cancer hospital being built in Amreli will become another example of the spirit of service and will hugely benefit a large area of Saurashtra including Amreli.




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