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8th Kalinga Art Festival from 9 to 11 Feb on Sideline of Kalinga Literary Festival – N.F Times

Bhubaneswar: Kalinga Art Festival is a meticulously curated exhibition showcasing the finest Indian art from both the past and present. This captivating showcase came to life at the Swosti Premium Hotel in Bhubaneswar, running from 9th to 11th February 2024 on the sideline of the famous Kalinga Literary Festival.

Ila Panda Centre for Arts (IPCA) is the presenting partner of the Kalinga Art Festival. This unique platform offers art collectors the opportunity to explore and invest in a diverse range of masterpieces and emerging blue-chip contemporary artworks, all under the theme of “Legends of Ancient Bharat and Beyond: Inspiring Lived Experience in the 21st Century.”

Kalinga Art Festival continues to be a beacon for art enthusiasts, offering a platform to experience the forms of visual arts. With its focus on tradition, transition, and modernity, the exhibition promises to be a celebration of Odisha in particular and India’s artistic heritage and a testament to the creativity of its artists.

 Kalinga Art Festival is a leading art platform to discover modern and contemporary art from India, Offering A Unique Access Point to The Region’s Thriving Cultural Scene. This 2024 Kalinga Art Festival with its 8th edition will feature 60 exhibitors, major artists, and a discussion session. Curated by Dr Ranjan Mallik, this edition features works by distinguished artists, curators, and speakers such as Dr Vijay M Dhore,  Lalatendu Rath, Paramita Mahapatra, Prof. Dr Ranjan Kumar Mallik, Panchami Manoo Ukil, Ms Sonia Mallik, Chandigarh, Dr Gourhari Rout, Meenaketan Pattnaik, Brundavan Moharana, Priyadarshini Mohanty, Priyadarshani Das Adhikari, Namita Pattnaik, Sangita Pattnaik, Mamata Samantaray, Rabinarana Rath, -Pranab Akhand, Sanjeeb Biswal,-Janardan Paramguru, Sanjay Pattnaik, Rajkishore Moharana, Basen Tudu, Kumar Mishra, Binodini Behera, Durga Madhab Kar, Barsha Barik, Pooja Das, Pritam Nayak, Subhashree Swain, Dibyajyoti Rout, Narendra Majhi, Jyotish Debata, Subhashree P. Sahoo, Rakesh Dey, Bibek Das, Santosh Sahoo

Sanjay Samanta, Atasi Basu, Lipishree Nayak, Sasadhar Pati, Stitadhi Rath, Manaranjan Jena, Pradip Patra, Jagendra Padhi, Pradip Kumar, Dr Umesh Nayak, Smruti Ranjan Nayak, Sushant, Bipin Martha, Subrat Mulick, Ganga Maharana, Sarita, Chintamani Biswal, Chandan Samal, Prabir Dalei, Panchanan Samal, Hrudayanand, Pratap Jena, Jayant Das, Muktipada Nandi, Nitia, Rabi Pradhan, Arun Palur, Subhas Pujhari, Fridus Alam, Kali Padhi. The exhibition is a testament to Odisha’s creative legacy, showcasing a variety of artistic mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and other artists’ works.

“For the past 8 years, the fair has been a celebration of the very best of Kalingan creativity, and in 2024 we are taking this even further. Complementing the gallery displays, we are also hosting talks and workshops yet, showcasing the diversity and power of artistic talent from across India,” said Kalinga Art Festival Founder, Rashmi Ranjan Parida.

It should be noted that February 9-11, 2024 – The temple city of Bhubaneswar is poised to unfurl the timeless sagas of “Legends of Ancient Bharat and Beyond: Inspiring Lived Experience in the 21st Century.” At the esteemed Swosti Premium, the Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) is humbly set to embark on its 10th edition, knitting together a mosaic of diverse literary forms ranging from poetry and politics to art and athletics. The Festival’s beating heart, themed “Legends of Ancient Bharat and Beyond,” will pulse with the collective rhythm of over 300 esteemed speakers, including poets, musicians, artists, and performers. In a reverent celebration of our shared heritage, the festival aims to rekindle the flame of inspiration from our ancestors’ wisdom, demonstrating its profound relevance in today’s world.

About the Kalinga Art Festival

The inception of the Annual Kalinga Art Festival dates back to the year 2015. Since its establishment, the Kalinga Art Festival has grown to become the preeminent art festival in the Eastern region of India. This esteemed cultural event continues to captivate the city with its remarkable showcase, featuring a diverse array of creations from both emerging and established artists.

Taking place annually in Odisha’s capital city, Bhubaneswar, the fair celebrates modern-day Odisha and India, combining cutting-edge contemporary visual art with modern masters and vernacular artistic traditions. Positioning art and the artist’s voice at its core, the fair’s programme draws together galleries and institutions, private foundations and arts charities, and artists’ collectives and enables local, national and international audiences to engage in innovative ways with the cultural history and development of the region.

 About the Kalinga Literary Festival:

Kalinga Literary Festival celebrates the vibrant spirit of India and its rich literary heritage, fostering dialogues that resonate with people from every walk of life. Since 2013, it has become a sanctuary for the free exchange of ideas, welcoming thousands to the shared love of literature and the arts.

In the festival’s symphony of voices, we find our own uplifted — in celebration, in contemplation, and in the humble pursuit of wisdom that transcends time. The Kalinga Literary Festival beckons you to be a part of this grand narrative — to listen, to speak, and to be inspired.

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