Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Odisha: Jagannath temple declared no-fly zone – N.F Times

Bhubaneswar: The airspace above Jagannath temple at Odisha’s Puri town has been declared as a no-fly zone in the wake of alleged unauthorized drone operations near the shrine in recent past.

The sky above the 12th century shrine has been declared as a no-fly zone by the police at the Holy Town, sources said.

No one will be allowed to fly drones or any other objects above Jagannath temple. The Puri police will enhance their surveillance in this regard, sources added.

“The cops will soon launch a campaign to make people aware of details regarding the no-fly zone. Any violation in this regard would invite stern action,” said a source in Puri police.

The locals as well as the devotees have welcomed the move and urged the police to take immediate steps to implement the ban on mobile phone use on the temple precincts.

“A drone recently flew over Jagannath temple recently. The operator had posted a video in this regard on his social media account. The Puri police have done the right thing by declaring the temple sky as a no-fly zone,” said a local.

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