Home Lifestyle Madhurima Tuli is a sight to behold in pics from Mysore Fashion Week – N.F Times

Madhurima Tuli is a sight to behold in pics from Mysore Fashion Week – N.F Times

Madhurima Tuli is a sight to behold in pics from Mysore Fashion Week – N.F Times


For someone of Madhurima Tuli’s calibre, stature and experience in the entertainment and fashion industry, confidence is something that literally runs in the DNA. As a performing artiste, Madhurima Tuli has truly won the hearts of innumerable people. Be it on TV shows, reality show projects or movies, Madhurima Tuli has killed it everywhere. Owing to her busy and hectic schedule, Madhurima Tuli often doesn’t get time for anything beyond those. But hey, guess what fashionistas? The new hot showstopper in tinsel town is ruling and how. Yes, that’s right.

Madhurima Tuli graced Mysore Fashion Week with her elegance and mesmerizing presence as she walked the ramp. She managed to slay like a pro on the ramp and well, we simply couldn’t take our eyes off her ravishing beauty. Everything, right from her fancy and pulchritudinous avatar to her swag walk on the ramp grabbed attention and for all the right reasons. Her customised outfit which is a tailor-made for the ramp looked ‘bomb’ on her and well, that beautiful smile on her face has the ability to stab multiple hearts at the same time quite literally. The actress took to her social media handle to share these snaps for the fans and well, we are truly in awe of her. The highlight? Well, it has to be the cute flying kiss that she blew on the head ramp as the showstopper for her fans and viewers. Do you want to get a glimpse of all of it? Here you go –

Regarding the experience of walking the ramp again, Madhurima shared and we quote,

“Well, ramps are always special and it does in a way take me back to my college days, the place where I walked the ramp for the first time. Back then, it was primarily about participating in the college festivals. Ever since then, life has indeed changed a lot for the better. However, certain feelings and emotions are quite the same and this was one of them. I was really happy to walk the ramp there at Mysore Fashion Week. I loved everything, right from the look to how things were set up and how things ended up till the very end. Thank you so much to all the wonderful people in Mysore for giving me so much love. I am truly elated and grateful.”

Well, truly classy stuff indeed and well, when it’s Madhurima Tuli, it’s a matter of staying rest assured that things will always be smooth and perfect. On the work front, Madhurima Tuli has interesting work projects going forward, the announcements of which will happen soon as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.



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