Home Technology Sahyadri Farms, ISRO Tie Up For Agritech Solutions – N.F Times

Sahyadri Farms, ISRO Tie Up For Agritech Solutions – N.F Times

Sahyadri Farms, ISRO Tie Up For Agritech Solutions – N.F Times


Bengaluru: Nashik-based farmer producer company (FPC) Sahyadri Farms has joined hands with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to jointly develop technology for horticulture crops.

Under the collaboration, Sahyadri’s expertise in farming on the ground and agri-sensor technology developed by Sensartics, a start-up incubated at the FPC, will be combined with ISRO’s advanced satellite technology and data analytics.

ISRO’s technology would help farmers come up with comprehensive solutions and make informed decisions regarding disease management and soil moisture variability.

The plug the gaps in ISRO’s technology, Sahyadri will use its technology, which includes low-cost weather stations and extensively uses sensors and devices on the ground for monitoring oil, humidity, moisture, canopy and diseases and issues timely alerts to farmers.

The weather stations provide highly localised data on weather, soil conditions, nutrients and transpiration for an individual farm or in a 5-km radius. The information is shared on a mobile app.

It helps monitor crop health, predict weather patterns and manage resources efficiently to help them make informed decisions and increase productivity.

A team of ISRO scientists will visit the Sahyadri Farms in Nashik on February 23 to explore the expansion of the scope of the collaboration.

Sahyadri Farms posted a revenue of Rs 1,007 cr in FY23. It has 24,500 affiliated farmer members, with 40,000 acres of cultivated land. It largely grows grapes, tomatoes, pomegranates, bananas, mangoes, oranges, sweet corn and cashews.



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