Home Technology Instagram Creator Marketplace Expands to India – N.F Times

Instagram Creator Marketplace Expands to India – N.F Times

Instagram Creator Marketplace Expands to India – N.F Times


New Delhi: Meta is rolling out its Instagram Creator Marketplace to eight new regions including India, the firm announced earlier this week. The platform was first introduced two years ago in the US by Facebook’s parent company as a portal for brands to discover and get in touch with creator’s accounts for branded content or partnership ads. Instagram users who generate content will also be able create a portfolio for their posts and indicate brands or interests that they are interested in.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Meta announced that the Instagram Creator Marketplace was coming to eight new regions — Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, New Zealand, and the UK. Previously limited to creators in the US, Meta will invite creators and brands from these countries to access the platform “over the next few weeks”.

On the Instagram Creator Marketplace, brands will be able to see content creators that have signed up to use the platform. Their follower count, accounts engaged, and audience demographics details will also be displayed. The portal allows companies to filter creators by gender, age, followers, countries, interests, and portfolios. They can choose to ‘bookmark’ them or send them a message via the same page.




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