Home World Kamala Harris calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza – N.F Times

Kamala Harris calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza – N.F Times

Kamala Harris calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza – N.F Times


Washington: US Vice President Kamala Harris called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza on Sunday, March 3. She also urged Israel to increase the flow of aid to combat the “inhumane” conditions and a “humanitarian catastrophe” among the people in Palestine.

Harris made the remarks while speaking at an event in Selma, Alabama, to commemorate the anniversary of ‘Bloody Sunday.’ “People in Gaza are starving. The conditions are inhumane and our common humanity compels us to act,” Harris reportedly said. “The Israeli government must do more to significantly increase the flow of aid. No excuses.”

An Israeli newspaper reported that after Hamas refused to provide the names of hostages that are still alive, Israel boycotted Gaza ceasefire talks in Cairo on Sunday.

“Hamas claims it wants a ceasefire. Well, there is a deal on the table. And as we have said, Hamas needs to agree to that deal,” Harris said. “Let’s get a ceasefire. Let’s reunite the hostages with their families. And let’s provide immediate relief to the people of Gaza.”

Meanwhile, on February 26, President Joe Biden said that he hopes there will be a ceasefire by “next Monday” in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. On being asked when a ceasefire may begin, Biden said during an appearance at an ice cream shop in New York city, with comedian Seth Meyers, “Well I hope by the beginning of the weekend, I mean, the end of the weekend.”

“My national security adviser tells me that we’re close. We’re close, it’s not done yet. And my hope is that by next Monday we’ll have a ceasefire,” Biden added.

Hamas previously backed off some important demands in hostage negotiations and pause in fighting in Gaza after Israel accused its position of being “delusional,” CNN reported. “The major obstacles have been resolved in terms of Hamas insisting on a full withdrawal of Israeli forces and end to the war,” a senior Biden administration official said. “Hamas’ requirements for the numbers of Palestinians [prisoners that] would have to be freed has declined.”




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