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Easter 2024: Date, Significance, And All You Need To Know – N.F Times


New Delhi: Easter Sunday gets its name from the fact that Easter is usually observed on a Sunday. In 2024, Easter will fall on March 31. For Christians everywhere, Easter is very important because it’s a time to remember the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ. It both commemorates his resurrection from the dead and the conclusion of the 40-day somber religious fast known as Lent.

Easter is a celebration of Christ’s boundless love and mercy for all people. He voluntarily consented to be crucified to atone for humanity’s sins, and his resurrection serves as a beacon of kindness, hope, and mercy. It is thought that on Easter Sunday, Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified on a Friday, when his body was brought down from the cross and interred in a subterranean tomb. Easter also signifies the joyous conclusion of the Lenten season of abstinence and reflection.

Easter eggs are a fundamental component of Christmas, particularly for households with children. The beautifully adorned Christmas eggs hold enormous symbolic value, but they are also terrific bait for kids who have to search around the house or garden for the eggs that elderly people hide. Traditionally associated with life and rebirth, eggs also came to represent the Resurrection on Easter, representing the ascension of Jesus Christ from the grave.


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