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Why is Hair Loss Common After 30? – N.F Times

Hair loss is not unusual for millennials today, especially when they hit their 30s. Both men and women experience hair loss with aging. Though losing your hair is natural, you can prevent your beautiful locks from falling off your scalp.

For healthy hair growth, biotin is a crucial component. It is possible to get biotin from a balanced diet, or you can consider taking biotin tablets to balance its deficiency. So, If you are wondering what exactly happens in your 30s when your hair says goodbye, you are at the right place. This blog will help you enhance your understanding of the causes of hair fall and tips to promote hair growth.

Why Does Hair Loss Occur After the 30s?

The changing lifestyle has crossed the age barriers for hair loss. Though you can face it at any stage, let’s see its reason for being so common after your 30s:

  • Genetics
  • Changes in hormones
  • Increasing stress levels
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Unfavorable hair styling

Signs to Notice Hair Fall Problems Timely

If you notice hair thinning timely, you can probably treat the symptoms and retain your hair volume. Here are some visible changes to notice before you go bald:

1. Hair Thinning

If you observe thinning of your hair consistently, it can make your hair look light, signifying hair loss.

2. Decreasing Hair Density

The number of hair strands growing out of each square inch of your scalp signifies reducing hair density.

3. Receding Hairline

This is the most common sign of hair fall. If you notice your hairline moving backwards while forming a distorted shape, it indicates hair loss.

4. Delayed Hair Growth

Usually, after your 30s, your hair takes much more time to regrow if you get a haircut.

5. Increasing Sensitivity

While aging, your hair becomes more vulnerable to styling or heating tools and eventually breaks. This is a symptom of hair loss.

Boost Your Hair Growth with These Tips

Undoubtedly, you want to regrow or retain your strands at every stage, so check out the following tips:

1. Biotin

Biotin can aid in hair growth. If you have alopecia or your body has a biotin deficiency, supplementation can help prevent hair loss.

2. Collagen

Surprised? So far, you must have heard about the benefits of collagen for skin, but its benefits extend to providing solutions for hair growth as well. It activates the growth of hair follicles by increasing hair-building proteins and amino acids.

3. Calcium

Not just bones but calcium is also an effective component for healthy hair growth. It facilitates enzyme production and function for hair growth.

4. Stress Management

Stress is one of the most crucial factors for your declining hair health. It triggers your hair growth cycle. You should indulge in yoga practices and exercises to strengthen your locks.

Summing Up

We understand that suffering hair loss is itself stressful while you age. You just need to remember that many practical solutions can prevent hair fall conditions. Hair thinning, receding hairline, and increased sensitivity are some noticeable changes before hair loss in your 30s.

Biotin, collagen, and calcium tablets can help treat your hair problems. Moreover, you should try managing your stress and doing physical activities to see effective results. Before changing your routine, ensure you book an appointment with a doctor to analyze any underlying medical conditions.

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