Monday, May 27, 2024

OpenAI takes action against two employees for allegedly leaking information – N.F Times


New York: OpenAI recently fired two of its employees, who were allegedly involved in an information leak. A report by The Information states that OpenAI has fired two of its researchers, named Leopold Aschenbrenner and Pavel Izmailov, after conducting an internal investigation. The investigation reportedly found out that these two employees were leaking information. However, where this information was leaked exactly remains under the wraps. The report also revealed that both employees had worked as part of OpenAI’s safety team. While Aschenbrenner was consired to be a “rising star” in the security team, Izmailov had later moved to the reasoning research team.

The report also added that Aschenbrenner was a close ally of IIya Sutskever, the man who was behind Sam Altman’s ouster from the company.

For the unversed, in November 2023, Sam Altman was abruptly fired from OpenAI’s board and was replaced by Mira Murati who served as the interim CEO.

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