Saturday, May 18, 2024

Odisha: Tobacco, betel to be banned in famous Samaleswari temple from tomorrow – N.F Times

Sambalpur: Consumption of tobacco and betel (pan) will be banned in the famous Maa Samaleswari temple of Odisha’s Sambalpur district from tomorrow (Sunday). This decision was taken by the temple trust board today.

According to the trust president Sanjay Babu, tobacco in any form, betel, and other contraband items will be completely prohibited inside the Shakti Peeth. Fine will be imposed by the Samaleswari Temple Trust Board in case anyone violates the prohibition and consumes the contraband items.

Keeping the shrine premises neat and clean is the responsibility of everyone coming to the temple.

“Hence, we appeal to all devotees, visitors, and priests including staff engaged in the temple to adhere to the new norm. They must abstain from consumption of the prohibited items and also make others aware not to do so. Let us maintain sacredness in the premises,” the trust president expressed.

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