Monday, June 24, 2024

Voter Turnout Of 62.2% Recorded In phase-5 Of General Elections 2024 – N.F Times

New Delhi: In continuation of ECI two press notes dated 20.05.2024, Voter turnout of 62.2% has been recorded in phase-5 for 49 PCs in the ongoing General Elections 2024. The gender-wise voter turnout figures for phase 5 are given below:

Phase Male Turnout Female turnout Third gender turnout Overall turnout
Phase 5 61.48% 63.00% 21.96% 62.2%


It is pertinent to mention that repolls at two polling stations in 13- Kandhamal PC in Odisha will be concluded today and the figures may get further updated accordingly once the data is updated for the repoll, which can be seen in the voter turnout app.

A blank Cell in the case of “Other Voters” indicates no registered electors in that category. Copy of Form 17C is also provided for every Polling Station in a Constituency to candidates through their polling agents.

Actual data of Form 17 C shall prevail which is already shared with candidates. Final turnout will only be available post-counting with the counting of postal ballots and its addition to the total vote count.

Postal Ballots include Postal Ballots given to service voters, absentee voters (85+, PwD, Essential Services etc.) and Voters on Election Duty. Daily accounts of such Postal ballots received, as per Statutory provisions, are given to all candidates.

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