Sunday, June 23, 2024

Pink E-Rickshaw Driver of UP Receives UK's Royal Honour – N.F Times

Arti, an 18 year old pink e-rickshaw driver from Bahraich district, Uttar Pradesh, has been honoured with the prestigious Amal Clooney’s Women Empowerment Award in the United Kingdom. She also had the opportunity of meeting King Charles III at a programme held at Buckingham Palace. Arti was delighted to meet the monarch at the ceremony. 

Arti expressed her joy at receiving this honour. She mentioned the challenges that young girls face in this world. She shares that working as a rickshaw driver helps her see the world from a different perspective. 

During her encounter with the King, Arti proudly showcased her eco-friendly pink rickshaw, which is not only a mode of transport but also an idea and a movement towards sustainability. Impressed by Arti’s dedication to driving positive change, King Charles III listened attentively as she shared her passion for driving an e-rickshaw powered by home-charged batteries instead of polluting fuels. 

Arti was honoured for inspiring young women through her work with the government’s Pink E-rickshaw initiative. Her efforts in empowering the new generation of girls are truly remarkable. As a mother to a five-year-old daughter, Arti embodies self-reliance and determination. She not only fulfils her own dreams but also ensures her daughter’s aspirations are within reach. The prestigious Amal Clooney Women Empowerment Award, named after the renowned human rights lawyer, was bestowed upon Arti at the Prince’s Trust Awards in London.

Arti’s remarkable journey from a rural village to Buckingham Palace was made possible through Project Lehar, a collaboration between Prince’s Trust International and the Aga Khan Foundation, which introduced her to the Indian government’s Pink E-Rickshaw scheme. Under the innovative scheme, pink e-rickshaws were provided by the Bahraich district administration with a subsidy for women drivers. This initiative aims to empower women, particularly widows and single mothers like Arti, by offering employment opportunities and safe transport options.

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