Wednesday, June 19, 2024

US Tornado: 15 Killed, Severe Storms Cause Massive Destruction – N.F Times

Severe storms have wreaked havoc in the southern and midwestern parts of the United States, claiming at least 15 lives. Fatalities have been reported in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky on Sunday, as per US media reports.

Search and rescue teams, along with law enforcement have been sifting through the debris for survivors and providing medical aid to the numerous injured.

Tornadoes and hailstones as large as tennis balls were reported in various locations on Saturday night, reported the US media. Estimates suggest that one of the storms in Oklahoma was at least a level three on a five-point scale, capable of reaching speeds up to 265 kmph.

Nearly 50,000 people across nine US states were without electricity on Sunday evening. A state Emergency was declared in multiple areas. Texas Governor Greg Abbott reported over 100 injuries and the destruction of hundreds of homes across the state.

Cooke County, located near Dallas, was severely impacted by strong winds that demolished a highway rest area and devastated a mobile home park, leading to the death of seven individuals, including four children, as reported by the local police.

Tornado warnings remained in effect in several areas. Experts link the increasing frequency of natural disasters in the US, such as storms, floods and wildfires, to the effects of climate change.

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