Monday, June 24, 2024

BTS V Dances His Heart Out In Latest Video With Bada Lee And GOF – N.F Times


Seoul: BTS V aka Kim Taehyung continues to entertain his fans through social media itself as he has uploaded a brand-new video of dancing an intricate routine along with his fellow ‘95 liner, Bada Lee.

Taehyung delighted fans with two surprise dance practice videos on Instagram, which quickly amassed 10 million views.

The first video featured Taehyung and renowned choreographer Bada Lee, captioned “95 liners with Ingyoo chef.” The duo displayed their impressive and fluid dance moves in the practice studio, demonstrating their talent and synergy.


In the second video, Taehyung was joined by Bada Lee and acclaimed dancer GOF, also known as Lee Do Geon, along with Ingyoo Kim, who choreographed the routine. The group displayed their skills and camaraderie thru the fun performance.

The term “95 liners” refers to the dance crew consisting of Taehyung, Bada Lee, and GOF, who are all born in 1995.

Previously, the group participated in the “Smoke” dance challenge and performed with Taehyung for “Slow Dancing” during the release of his solo album “Layover.”


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