Monday, June 24, 2024

Panchayat S3: A Roaring Success, Trending at No. 1 on Amazon Prime – N.F Times

TVF has once again proven its mettle in delivering compelling and engaging content to the masses with the release of Panchayat S3. After a long wait, the show has finally been released and has quickly taken over the hearts of the masses. Opening to a roaring response, the show is collecting amazing reviews and is now trending at No. 1.

TVF has begun to set its rules with the release of Panchayat S3. As the show has been released, it is winning the hearts of the audience and trending at No. 1. The makers are indeed very excited and thankful to the audience for showering their love. Taking to their social media, the makers shared a gratitude post and wrote:

“From Phulera with love! Panchayat Season 3 is here and it’s already #1 on Amazon Prime India. A big thank you to our incredible viewers! ❤️✨

#PanchayatOnPrime – Watch Now!”



With Panchayat S3, TVF has continued its streak of delivering engaging content. While TVF started the year with successful shows like ‘Sapne vs Everyone’ and ‘Very Parivarik’ which received fantastic responses, now with Panchayat S3, they have truly hit the ball out of the park. In this way, TVF is taking over 2024 as they also have a fantastic lineup of shows, including the next seasons of ‘Kota Factory’ and ‘Gullak.’

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