Thursday, June 13, 2024

Note For Vote: Bundles of Cash Seized from Mission Shakti House in Remuna – N.F Times

Balasore: Just a few hours before the last – Phase IV Odisha elections, allegations have surfaced of money being distributed at the Mission Shakti House in Remuna Block of Balasore district.

Following the propagation of this information, locals arrived at the location. A few women from the Self Help Group (SHG) managed to flee the scene. It was reported that members of the SHG Mission Shakti were manipulating people to cast votes for the ruling party’s candidate.

Upon hearing the news, BJP candidate Gobind Das and his associates reached the said spot. Inside the house, they discovered numerous packets filled with substantial amounts of money, leading to a commotion. The recovered money was marked with various panchayat names and some individuals’ names on the paper wrapping around the note bundles.

Despite the House being located in front of the Block Development Officer’s (BDO) office, the activities happening in broad daylight raised questions about the deliberate silence of the BDO.

Article 144 has been implemented to ensure a fair and free election. However, the integrity of the election is being questioned due to the notable sums of money being handed out to women’s groups at the Mission Shakti House across the block.

Furthermore, the presence of a vehicle belonging to a BJD leader near the Remuna Gaudiya Matha, for a long time has raised suspicions that the money may have come from that vehicle.

At the time of reporting, police, the BDO, election officials and flying squads have arrived on the scene and are conducting searches. The money is currently being counted and an investigation is underway.

The BJP party has raised its demand before Cheif Election Officer for immediate investigation and action against the incident.

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