Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Prashant Kishor gives first reaction after exit polls predict NDA’s massive win – N.F Times


New Delhi: Political analyst Prashant Kishor has reacted to the exit polls, which predicted a landslide victory for the BJP-led NDA. Taking to X on Saturday, he asked the public to not waste their time on “usless talks” and analysis by “fake journalists”, “loudmouth politicians” and “self-proclaimed experts” during the election season.


“Next time when there is talk of elections and politics, do not waste your valuable time on useless talks and analysis of idle fake journalists, loudmouth politicians and self-proclaimed experts of social media,” his post on X, roughly translated from Hindi, read.



Almost all exit polls have projected a thumping victory for the BJP-led NDA for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to secure a record third term. According to the India Today-My Axis India Exit Poll, the NDA is likely to secure from 361 to 401 seats, improving its 2019 figures.


The exit poll predicted that the Opposition-headed INDIA bloc would win between 131 and 166 seats. When the results are announced on June 4, if these numbers are true, it will represent a decisive endorsement of PM Modi’s decade-long rule and further dwindle the stand of the opposition parties.


Other pollsters – India News-D Dynamics, Republic TV P Marq, Republic Bharat Matrize, and Jan Ki Baat – also suggested a victory for the BJP-led NDA, projecting the alliance to secure 365 seats.


Earlier, Kishor had predicted that NDA would increase its tally and emerge as the largest party in West Bengal, Telangana, and Odisha.


Axis My India has projected 26-31 seats for BJP in Bengal, 11-12 in Telangana, and 18-20 in Odisha.


Kishor’s predictions appear to be in line with the exit polls. His predictions that the BJP’s vote share will increase in Tamil Nadu and Kerala have also come true if one goes by the exit polls.


Interestingly, some political analysts had predicted that the BJP may fall short of the majority, with a massive loss in UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.


Kishor’s prediction that Jagan would lose this election may also turn out to be true as most exit polls have predicted massive loss for the YSRCP in Lok Sabha elections. The NDA is likely to win 21-23 seats in Andhra, and the YSRCP 2-4, according to Axis My India.

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