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Exploring the Best Preschool & Nursery School in Bangalore – N.F Times

You know what? This is probably one of the biggest decisions you will make. We are talking choosing a preschool for your baby. That is a “caps lock” big decision!

In a bustling city like Bangalore (which is packed to the hilt with options, by the way), you might find making this decision to be a super overwhelming process. After all, how do you narrow down from the sea of options out there? How do you find the preschool that will be the perfect fit for your kid?

Sure, you can visit schools and explore the nursery schools and preschools in Bangalore, but that is a major, major task. You need a preschool that checks all the right boxes right from the internet research level and that’s where EuroKids comes in!

Between the tender ages of 0-3 years, your child’s brain is rapidly developing and it needs the right stimulus to set it up for success, both in the academic and social spheres. EuroKids’ preschool programs are tailor-made to harness the true potential of your child and hone it so they can emerge as rising stars of tomorrow.

With over 21 years of experience inpreschool learning and education with a reputation for bagging the most awards in the preschool category, choosing our preschool in Bangalore will benefit you and your child in several ways-

  • Enhanced social skills
  • Improved focus and academic performance
  • Improved grasp of language
  • Unlocking of key development milestones
  • Reduced behavioral issues
  • No need to additional tutors

Our preschool programs cover every age group

Unleash the power of EUNOIA, our innovative and meticulously planned curriculum to provide your child with 360-degree education. We designed our preschool learning courses to suit the different key developmental phases in your child’s life so you do not have to hunt for another school at every stage-

  • Playgroup – 2 to 3 years 

At this stage, our curriculum is all about developing your child’s language skills. While  also encouraging them to indulge in hands-on discovery so they can pick up new skills-  physical, social or emotional.

  • Nursery – 3 to 4 years 

At our nursery school stage, we impart your kids with essential life skills. The focus is also on enhancing learning through fun activities and developing the imagination and curiosity of your kids.

  • EuroJunior – 4 to 5 years 

You get access to exclusive EuroKids learning tools, which help your children learn at their own pace as well express their ideas, thoughts and feelings more coherently.

  • EuroSenior – 5 to 6 years 

Apart from improving attention spans and enhancing vocabulary, at this stage we prime your kids to get ready for primary school. We use special EuroKids Kits to improve your kid’s reading and writing skills.

Why choose EuroKids nursery school and preschool in Bangalore? 

Oh, where to begin! There are so many reasons to choose us as your numerouno preschool!

For starters, your child is our priority. We take a very student-centric approach while teaching our kids. It is our job to ensure that each one of them has a strong academic, social and creative foundation right from the start.

Our chain of schools are all about offering a nurturing, engaging and stimulating environment where kids get to tap into their inner creativity, honing it.

We also treat safety and security as paramount. All our schools adhere to safety regulations, are under 24×7 CCTV surveillance (for your peace of mind), are certified safe and go through regular inspections. Our infrastructure is also 100% child-friendly, and we are also prepared to tackle any emergencies.

We also involve you, dear parent, in your child’s educational and developmental journey so you can see the EuroKids difference first-hand. That is what makes us one of the best preschool in India.

Frequently asked questions 

More questions up your sleeve? Allow us to answer!

  • At which age should I enrol my child in a preschool in Bangalore?

It depends on your child’s personal pace of growth and development. But between 3 and 4 years is recommended.

  • How long is the duration of a preschool in Bangalore? 

The preschool stage generally lasts 2 years. You know to fully cover the holistic development of your child through a host of fun activities and educational experiences.

  • What is the fee of a preschool in Bangalore? 

Fees is honestly a variable and depends on the institution you choose, the quality of education it offers, its accreditation status, its reputation, the size of the facility etc.

  • Where are your preschools located in Bangalore?

Almost in every corner of the city! From Gunjur to Yemalur, from Rukmini Nagar to JP Nagar, we are everywhere for your convenience!

  • Can I invest in your preschool franchise?

 Yes, of course you can invest in a EuroKids franchise! And expect high returns on your investment while indulging the noble cause of educating the future generation!

Want to know more about thebest preschool chain in India? Get in touch with us or visit your nearest EuroKids centre! Admissions are now open!

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