Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Forester, Three Villagers Injured in Leopard Attack in Balasore’s Khaira – N.F Times

Balasore: Four people, a woman and three men including an Oupada forester got seriously injured, in a tiger attack in Gada village of Khaira block in Balasore district this afternoon near Khaira Bazar.

According to reports, the leopard attacked Satyavama Naik (50) wife of Gananath Naik, a resident of the village who was working near her house with her son. She screamed due to the tiger attack that led her son and husband to rush to her aid making noise to alert the villagers.

The tiger subsequently entered the village, causing panic among the villagers who attempted to chase it away. Following the incident, personnel from the Kupari and Oupada forest departments arrived at the scene and began a search for the tiger in the nearby forest.

Meanwhile, the tiger returned to Satyavama’s house and attacked her 20-year-old son Radhakant Naik, and Tankardhar KC (55) who was present at the scene. The tiger then disappeared into the bush again.

However, the tiger bit Oupada forester Kishore Chandra Bhuinya on the thigh. Baripada forest department staff have reached Gada village with nets and other equipment to catch the tiger.

The village is now gripped with fear as both the villagers and forest staff make concerted efforts to capture the tiger. The injured have been admitted to Khaira PHC for treatment.

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