Monday, June 24, 2024

Uorfi Javed Calls Out Celebs Pretending To Be Middle Class – N.F Times


Mumbai : Uorfi Javed recently criticised Bollywood stars for using their seemingly modest beginnings to connect with their fans. Some so-called “celebrities,” according to Uorfi, put on the facade of being from a middle-class or low-income family.

Uorfi Javed mercilessly slammed celebs people affluent backgrounds who act as if they came from humble backgrounds. “When rich celebrities pretend that they had a very middle-class, poor upbringing, it irritates me to the core. We know you were rich.”

Mocking them, Uorfi added, “Hum bilkul middle class the, humne kabhi first class fly nahi kia, hum economy mein fly karte the. Humne plane nahi dekha tha yaar, tum kaise baatein kar rahi ho. (We were absolutely middle class, we never flew first class, we used to fly in economy. I did not see the plane, friend, what are you talking about?

Even though Uorfi didn’t specifically mention any stars, her remarks seemed to target Sara Ali Khan and Alia Bhatt.

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