Monday, June 24, 2024

Canada reacts to controversial float after India’s protest – N.F Times


Canada: Cameron MacKay, the High Commissioner for Canada in India, reacted to the controversy triggered by a float depicting former PM Indira Gandhi’s assassination, saying the promotion of violence is never acceptable in Canada.

“The Government of Canada is aware of further imagery displayed in Brampton on Sunday. Canada’s position is clear: The promotion of violence is never acceptable in Canada,” he wrote on X.

India has sought “exemplary action” from all levels of the Canadian Government after a float featuring the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was displayed at an event in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) on Sunday.

The controversial float was displayed in a parade to mark the 40th anniversary of Operation Bluestar.

In 1984, the Indian Army stormed the Golden Temple to flush out Khalistani extremists.

The same year, Indira Gandhi was gunned down by her bodyguards.

The float showed an effigy of Indira Gandhi being fired upon by her bodyguards. The poster also said her punishment had been delivered on October 21, 1984.

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