Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Bhadrak: Police Beats Up Woman In Front Of Police Station – N.F Times

Bhadrak: A woman was ruthlessly assaulted by police officers at Chandabali police station in Bhadrak district on Wednesday.

Three police officers assaulted the woman with a plastic pipe in front of the Police Station when she came to visit her husband in the police station. They even took her by her hands and legs and smashed her to the ground. The woman’s sister-in-law and her baby girl were also with her.

The kid was playing with a shoe cover while they were at the police station. While playing, the shoe cover fell in front of the police station which the on-duty constable namely Ravi Shetty asked the woman to pick up.

The woman, on not doing so saying she was not his servant, was slapped by Constable Ravi. In protesting against the unjust slap, two more police officers joined Ravi Shetty in hitting the woman knocking her to the ground. An ASI and two Constables were also involved in the lawless act.

The OIC assured to take the necessary steps against the police officers involved in this matter. The residents of the place have criticized this abusive behaviour of the police after the video went viral.

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